DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Cleaner

For general cleaning of rubber surface pool decks, patios, porches and playground areas.  Dilute 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water.  Apply solution to rubber surface.  When using product in a pressure washer adjust soap induction valve to dilute at a rate of 8oz per gallon of water. For stubborn stains dilute product 50/50 in spray bottle and apply to surface  Scrub areas using deck brush and rinse with water. Safe for use around landscaped areas. Biodegradable.
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Cleaning and Caring Instructions


–         Sweep, Spray with garden hose or power wash your rubber surfacing on a regular basis

–         Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean rubber

Snow and Ice Removal

–         Plastic bladed shovels are recommended.

–         Environmentally friendly salt is recommended.

–         Do not use ice chippers or snow blowers on rubber surfacing.