DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc.

At DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc., we make safety stylish by adding a non-slip poured in place rubber to pools deck, patios, playgrounds, porches and more. We offer the widest choices of materials in many colors and designs with products to suit Commercial, Institutional or Residential needs.

DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc., was featured on 3 episodes of HOLMES MAKES IT RIGHT.  The latest episode, featuring a porch install, aired November 4th, 2014 on HGTV entitled “Walk the Plank”.  Then in October 2013 with a pool installation, entitled “Broken Record” and a Horse Barn installation entitled “Hoofed Roof”.

In 2011 DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc. also appeared on an episode of HOLMES INSPECTION (“Bigger Not Better”)