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DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc. is a premium non slip solution for your cracked concrete. We make safety stylish without removal of your existing surface on pool decks, patios, playgrounds, porches, garages and more. Why Replace….RESURFACE!

How It's Done

Before DURAROC Rubber Surfacing
Older concrete can shift and crack leaving your pool deck a hazard to walk on, not to mention "an eyesore". DURAROC Rubber Surfacing can be installed over new or worn concrete, patio stones, interlock, tamped stone and more.
Day 1
DURAROC uses specially treated recycled tires to fill in voids or gaps. No need for concrete removal!
Day 2
Rubber granules are mixed with polyurethane and hand-troweled onto the based surface which is primed prior to installing. Your unique colour combination are skillfully hand troweled to a 1/4 to 3/8 inch thickness and 100% seamless with no need for relief cuts. The elasticity of our rubber will move with the substrate.
Day 3

Ready to use in 24 to 48 hours.

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