DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc.

Applications, Colours & Maintenance


Outdoor Pools

Cracked or shifted concrete can be costly to repair, not to mention disruptive and time consuming. DURAROC is an affordable and stylish alternative. In most cases DURAROC is installed and ready for use in 24 to 48 hours, from start to finish. Also, DURAROC can professionaly remove your old and cracked coping and resurface it with DURAROC. Borders can be installed around the pool creating a stunning visual design. Custom colours allow you to explore your creative side and add your personal touch.

Indoor Pools

Duraroc Rubber Surfacing Inc. is the perfect solution for all your indoor and outdoor pool needs.

Porches, Patios, Workouts

Installing DURAROC to your Porch, Steps, Walkway and Walkouts will not only enhance the look of your home, but will give you the Safety of a Non-Slip surface. Porch and Entrance Ways can be prepared and installed in the same day and ready to enjoy 24 hours later. DURAROC also brightens up those dingy basement walkouts. 


Cover all the cracks and pitted concrete in your garage floors with DURAROC Rubber Surfacing. Its long-term durability, easy maintenance, and ability to withstand temperature changes and seasonal elements make DURAROC an excellent choice for many types of interior and exterior home applications.



DURAROC Rubber Surfacing Inc. is the ideal solution for all wet deck applications. Our safety non slip surface along with comfort gives pool decks a “Resort Like Atmosphere”. It is “cooler” to your feet than concrete making play time more enjoyable.

Entrance Ways

Give yourself, your employees and visitors peace of mind knowing you are using a non-slip safety surface with DURAROC Rubber Surfacing installed on your storefront and entranceways. The vibrant colors and welcoming charm of our multipurpose surfacing solution can also bring more visual interest to your place of business.

Custom Logo or Designs

Your DURAROC Rubber Surfacing can be fully customized to suit your unique personal or commercial requirements. We can recreate your logo, or design a specific combination of colors, textures and patterns—for a more stylish and safer surface that complements your space.

How It's Done

Older concrete can shift and crack leaving your pool deck a hazard to walk on, not to mention “an eyesore”. Patio furniture will not sit on cracked and unleveled concrete making for a waste of valuable outdoor space. DURAROC Rubber Surfacing can be installed over new or worn concrete, patio stones, interlock, tamped stone, fiberglass and more. DURAROC around your pool deck will not only hide any cracks or ugly repair marks it will rejuvenate your pool deck to a resort-like-look.

Day 1

Rubber granules are mixed with polyurethane and hand-trowelled onto the based surface which we prime prior to installing. Recycled tires are used. DURAROC uses specially treated recycled tires cut into S-10mm crumbs to fill in voids or gaps on your patio or pool decks. No need for concrete removal!

Day 2

Choose any colour or combination. Your unique colour combination are skillfully hand trowelled to a 1/4 to 3/8 inch thickness.

Day 3

DURAROC is trowelled 100% seamlessly during installation with no need for relief cuts. The elasticity of our rubber will move with the substrate. Your surface will be ready to use in 24 to 48 hours. Your installation is fully warranteed for up to 5 years.

Maintenance Tips

  • Cleaning DURAROC Rubber Surfacing is easy!
  • Power wash up to 3300psi.
  • Wash, Sweep, Leaf Blow or Shop Vac your DURAROC Rubber Surfacing on a regular basis.

DURAROC Rubber is porous so dirt will get trapped in-between the  granules and washing is important to maintaining its longevity.  We recommend to washed your Pool Deck rubber before you put  winter cover on in Fall and when you take winter cover off in Spring.

  • Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean rubber, mild dishwashing soap and/or Bleach is recommended.
  • To remedy flaking/dry rubber a “Clear Top Coat” application of the Resin is recommended.  Please contact our office to obtain pricing and details as soon as you notice Dry /Flaking rubber, for this is the sign that you require more Resin/Glue.


Snow and Ice Removal:

  • A plastic bladed shovel is recommended.
  • Environmentally friendly salt is also recommended.
  • Do not use ice chippers or snow blowers on rubber surfacing

DURAROC Installation

Colour Samples

Our custom colour options are limitless. With a variety of colours to choose from each customer creates their own unique colour combination to beautify and provide a safe surface


Smokey Nights

Natural Stone

Mountain Blue

Country Road



Black Mulch

Beach Stone

Rusty Willow


Rubber Mulch

100% Recycled Rubber

Benefits of Rubber Mulch – No yearly replacement, no bug infestation and fade resistant colours.

Solid Colours or Mixed Colours – $50 per 40lb bag. Each bag covers approximately 50 square feet, 1/2″ thickness

Black Shredded Mulch $22.00 – (20lb bags)

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